Developing and Executing a World Class HR Strategy

Today’s Human Resources leaders face a range of HR strategy challenges. Two aspects of HR strategy stand out as being especially urgent:

  • Structuring the HR organization to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.
  • Developing talent management systems that can adapt to economic volatility and globalization.

The degree to which leaders meet these pressing HR strategy challenges will go a long way in determining the fortunes of HR organizations and the enterprises that they serve.

The Hackett Group Delivers World-Class HR Strategy

The Hackett Group, a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, offers its clients deep insight into world-class HR strategy – the proven strategies employed by HR organizations that excel in operational efficiency and effectiveness. The Hackett Group can support your organization in all aspects of HR strategy development:

  • Baselining of your current performance and identification of gaps between current performance and the performance of world-class HR organizations. The Hackett Group offers unmatched experience and expertise in process benchmarking. We can help you understand exactly how your HR strategy and processes rate in comparison to peers and to world-class organizations, and identify key areas for improvement.
  • Assessment of alternative service delivery models, including options for HR outsourcing, offshoring, or shared service organizations.
  • Formation of an HR strategy that is client-centric but also informed by proven HR best practices. By partnering with The Hackett Group, you can leverage our proprietary business best practices repository that we have developed through years of work with HR organizations that have achieved and sustained operational excellence – world-class organizations operating in the top quartile in both efficiency and effectiveness. The Hackett Group can help you fashion an HR strategy that leverages proven approaches to service delivery design and talent management.

The Hackett Group can also support you through your HR strategy execution, including building a strong business case for transformation; preparing an implementation roadmap; and developing results-oriented HR metrics by which to measure performance before and after the transformation.

In addition to HR strategy and operations consulting, The Hackett Group offers expert services in other critical areas such as finance strategy, cash flow analysis, supply chain management, and more.

To learn more about how The Hackett Group can help you to develop and execute a world-class HR strategy, contact us.