Performance Optimization for Sustainable Success

In today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace, businesses can’t afford mediocre operational performance. Performance optimization – deploying financial, material, human, and technological resources as efficiently and effectively as possible – is imperative for every business that aspires to sustainable profitability. The Hackett Group® provides a range of services to help businesses achieve the performance optimization that they need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Performance optimization: best practices in organization and process

The Hackett Group is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm with particular expertise in performance benchmarking, business process change, and business transformation. Through our more than 26,000 engagements with nearly 9,100 major corporations The Hackett Group has developed the world’s most comprehensive performance benchmarking and best practices database. Across this wealth of data and real-world results, we have rigorously analyzed the relation between practice and performance. For back-office functions including finance, human resources, procurement, and information technology, we’ve carefully identified the best practices that drive performance optimization in the world’s most efficient and effective organizations. This unmatched intellectual capital informs the performance optimization consulting services that we provide our clients.

For business leaders striving for performance optimization in their own organizations, The Hackett Group can help you benchmark your current performance using appropriate metrics; evaluate your performance in comparison to peers and top performers; identify, size, and prioritize specific areas for performance optimization; and select and implement appropriate best practices to drive your organization toward world-class performance levels. We offer deep expertise and hands-on experience across all functional areas and can help your organization with all facets of operations performance optimization including cost optimization, optimization of the supply chain process, shared services design and implementation, HR outsourcing and offshoring, and much more.

Performance optimization: EPM deployments

The Hackett Group also offers expert support for enterprise performance management (EPM) deployments, including Oracle or SAP implementation. Our approach to this means of performance optimization is simple yet powerful: We identify the best practices of top performing companies; configure EPM solutions that enable these practices; and complete the implementation efficiently and rapidly. With a deep team of certified specialists in Oracle and SAP technologies, we’ve consistently delivered on-time, on-budget EPM implementations for major corporations around the world.

To learn more about how The Hackett Group can help make performance optimization a reality for your organization, contact us.