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Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

Many organizations are curious of what artificial intelligence can do for them in their enterprise business applications, but few know where to start.

Artificial intelligence (AI) requirements find their way into many requests for proposals (RFPs) for enterprise business applications; however, most enterprises today view it as a “checklist” item rather than having firm plans on how they will use the capabilities. The Hackett Group believes that few organizations have a technology strategy on how they will incorporate AI across their enterprise, instead choosing a spot approach where each discipline sponsors separate projects and hopes that an AI strategy comes together at some point. Some organizations pursue a path where they plan to enable AI functionality as it gets built into their cloud business applications; however, they find that internal sponsors have not or are slow to set aside funding for such initiatives.

AI solutions can provide enormous value to the organization if they can be rolled-out using a consistent enterprise plan to provide focus despite being in the early days of adoption.

Participate in this AI poll and learn:

  • What strategies and tactics are being deployed to pursue AI in successful organizations
  • How much emphasis is being given to move projects from pilot to everyday usage
  • What new roles and re-skilling is required to digitally transform the organization using AI tools and platforms
  • How can an organization drive innovation by leveraging AI tools
  • What AI tools are top of mind and are targeted for investment by organizations today
  • Is an approach for AI to be integrated with business applications or a bolt-on best of breed approach preferred by organizations today

This quick poll is intended for application leaders and visionaries in IT and across the organization.

Participate now and you will receive a report comparing your responses to those of peers and top performers. If your organization has an advisory membership, you will have an opportunity to participate in an individual briefing with a Hackett senior advisor.

The poll takes only 10 minutes to complete! Please be assured that your response will remain completely confidential. For more information about this quick poll contact Chantel Shaw.

The Hackett Group’s Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise quick poll is open until March 25, 2023 at no cost to participants.

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