The 2023 Planning, Reporting and Analytics Center of Excellence (COE)

Many organizations have established centers of excellence (COEs) to consolidate activities requiring critical and/or specialized skills sets that are focused on developing core competencies. COEs may be physical or virtual entities and are typically established for higher-value functional activities.

Participate in this quick poll to learn:

  • Insights into the current activity scope at a detailed process level for planning, reporting and analytics COEs
  • How organizations are evolving and expanding their existing COEs, including common barriers
  • How companies structure their COE reporting lines
  • Which key capabilities you should build
  • What benefits can be attributed to evolving and expanding a COE

This confidential poll focuses on COE activities in support of planning, reporting and/or advanced analytics. The poll encompasses insights on the COE operating model, current activity scope, plans for adding new activities and additional services, structural organization reporting lines, and key objectives and benefits.

Who Should Participate

This quick poll is for finance professionals with responsibility or knowledge of their organizations’ current or planned COE planning, reporting and/or advanced analytics.

You Will Receive

Participate now and you will receive a report comparing your responses to those of peers and top performers. If your organization has an executive advisory membership, you will have an opportunity to participate in an individual briefing with a senior advisor from The Hackett Group.

Data Confidentiality

Your responses will remain completely confidential, and the poll takes only 20 minutes to complete.

The Hackett Group’s 2023 Planning, Reporting and Analytics Center of Excellence (COE) Quick Poll is open until December 7, 2023, at no cost to participants.