Environmental, Social and Governance: The Finance Response to a New Era of Mandatory Disclosures

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a major enterprise concern in recent years and a new era of mandatory disclosures is going to require a comprehensive corporate wide response. We are looking via this poll to consider the steps organizations are taking to be ready for the additional scrutiny that is coming their way as new regulations and standards are enacted and enforced.

Participate in this poll and learn:

  • Framework for finance leaders to integrate ESG standards within the company’s financial brand
  • How organizations are embedding ESG considerations into enterprise governance, planning, performance management, and accounting and reporting processes
  • Whom organizations are relying on to design and deliver the response
  • How organizations intend to capture, account and report on greenhouse gases for both the operations of the organization and in the supply chain
  • The extent to which organizations are serious about demonstrating respect for individuals, and being supportive of equality, diversity and inclusiveness
  • The degree to which organizations are ready to accept additional scrutiny on their impact on the societies and environments where they operate

The poll takes only 15 minutes to compete! Please be assured that your response will remain completely confidential. For more information about this quick poll, contact Stephen P Ferguson.