The Hackett Group's Executive Advisory Program

Our Executive Advisory Program offers a distinctive set of resources for accelerating performance improvement and minimizing the pitfalls to successful transformation – all centered around an experienced advisor who serves as your guide on the journey to Digital World Class®.

As an Executive Advisory Program member, you receive access to:

  • Fact-based guidance from your advisor throughout the year – ranging from an annual executive briefing to periodic progress reviews to responses to your inquiries and questions
  • Proprietary tools that you can use to assess progress on your improvement journey
  • Best practices insight to understand how other organizations have successfully navigated their journeys
  • Opportunities to connect and learn from other leaders who have successfully reached peak performance

Our advisory programs are tailored to your function and transformation objectives, addressing the specific needs of finance, procurement, human resources and IT leaders.

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“The ability to discuss the issues we face and hear how our advisors see that issue from their perspective dealing with clients from across the Fortune 500 is particularly valuable. It doesn’t get much better than this.”

– Chief Procurement Officer