Business Excelleration™: Fast-Tracking World-Class Performance - Finance

The COVID-19 crisis has put the Finance function and the businesses they support under great pressure with new business realities demanding a higher level of performance. Heading into next year, finance executives are taking a longer view, with an eye on how to operationalize and sustain business agility.

Business Excelleration™: Fast-Tracking World-Class Performance - Finance
  • Based on our data, Hackett estimates companies that achieve Digital World Class General and Administrative (G&A) performance will realize a 31% cost advantage over their peers with 45% fewer full-time equivalents (FTEs).
  • Scaled for a $10 billion company with G&A costs of $349 million, this represents a $149 million efficiency improvement opportunity that can be used to self-fund investments of $42M in new technology and development of new capabilities while in parallel bolstering the bottom line by $107M.
  • More importantly, Digital World Class organizations drive much higher effectiveness levels, achieving 2.5 times the market cap per employee on average over their industry peers.