The Power of an Extensible CPM Solution

Corporate performance management (CPM) is an enterprise-wide process that helps organizations meet their financial goals by linking their strategies to plans and execution across all divisions and departments.

Embracing and maximizing the potential of CPM requires an enterprise-wide approach. In order to support the CPM requirements of corporate and line-of-business operations, many large organizations have taken a fragmented approach with disconnected spreadsheets, point solutions or multiple instances of legacy CPM products.

The Power of an Extensible CPM Solution

This approach has introduced risk, requires manual data integration and multiple points of maintenance, and has been costly to maintain, manage and upgrade. A unified, extensible software platform is essential to efficiently and cost-effectively supporting enterprisewide CPM while supporting timely and informed decision-making.

Download OneStream’s white paper and learn:

  • Key challenges and risks of the fragmented CPM approach
  • The essential role of the unified extensible CPM platform
  • Key features and benefits of the OneStream innovative extensible CPM platform
  • How OneStream XF helps organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively support enterprise-wide CPM while supporting timely and informed decision-making

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