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Why HR Needs to Behave More Like Finance

The days of human resources (HR) being about the warm, fuzzy unquantifiable human capital aspects of business are long over. Demands from external stakeholders are surging for data about the workforce and the impact of HR practices on business performance. Likewise, internal stakeholders are clamoring for data to support and monitor HR policy and decision-making. While the finance function has long dominated conversations in the C-suite by leveraging numerical data and holding leaders more accountable, now is the time for HR to adopt some of its practices to wield more influence with enterprise leaders.

Webcast On Demand: Why HR Needs to Behave More Like Finance

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  • Why the demand for insights will only keep growing
  • Why HR must treat external reporting as more than a compliance burden
  • What HR must do to harness data and technology to drive operational and strategic decision-making for the business
  • How HR can benefit by using quantitative data to hold managers accountable
  • How to create a data-driven culture
  • How HR can be more like finance in how it uses data to influence business strategy and performance