Strategic Workforce Planning: An Indispensable Capability for Ensuring the Right Talent

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) provides vital inputs to guide both talent strategy formulation and talent management priorities and practices. Strategic workforce plans identify needed skills and enable forward looking, multi-perspective sourcing strategies to be developed and updated on a regular basis. Effective execution of SWP enhances recruiting, staffing and development processes, which leads to lower costs and better performance. While SWP is a critical capability, it is underdeveloped and ineffective in many organizations.

Participate in this performance study to learn:

  • How your SWP capabilities and performance compare to other organizations including top performers
  • How effective your organization is compared to others in performing critical SWP tasks
  • Leading technologies and tools used to enable SWP
  • Best practices for building and deploying effective SWP capabilities
  • Key obstacles to effective SWP and how to overcome them

This performance study is intended for HR and financial planning and analysis professionals with responsibility for, or knowledge of, their organizations’ SWP strategies, processes, and practices. The study takes approximately 30 minutes to compete. Please be assured that your responses will remain completely confidential and reported in the aggregate only.

Complete the entire study now and you will receive a detailed report comparing your responses to those of other participants, including top performers. If your organization has a Hackett Advisory membership, you will have an opportunity to receive a briefing with a Hackett senior advisor to review your individualized results.