The Hackett Group 2023 Stakeholder Engagement Performance Study

Establishing formal stakeholder engagement practices to elevate procurement’s relationship with business partners.

Expectations of procurement teams have been increasing as their wider organizations look to procurement to enhance their risk management capabilities, support the digital transformation agenda and enable corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives. A critical enabler for contributing more business value is effective stakeholder engagement to work collaboratively to empower business objectives.

Participants in this free study will gain insight into how their organizations compare with others regarding:

  • The overall objectives and maturity of procurement’s stakeholder engagement approach.
  • Practices that are being used by procurement teams to elevate the trusted advisor status in the relationship with key stakeholders.
  • What characteristics define a top-performing stakeholder engagement approach.

Study Audience, Participation Time and Outcomes
This study should be completed by senior procurement management. We estimate that it will take approximately 30 minutes to answer all questions. Study participants will receive an anonymized research report with composite results.

Confidentiality and Contact
All respondent and individual company information will remain completely confidential.

The Hackett Group’s The Hackett Group 2023 Stakeholder Engagement Performance Study is open until July 21, 2023 at no cost to participants.