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Global Business Services: Picking the Right Key Performance Indicators for Your Organization

Deciding which metrics to measure is key to assess your global business services (GBS) organization’s performance effectively. With your C-suite, key stakeholders and operations teams all having different reporting requirements, it is important to understand what your audience needs to know and why, and how disruption – such as what we are experiencing today – can have an impact on how we view and measure success.


Hear from Penny Weller, Ph.D., ADGBS, senior director of GBS Advisory and course author of the Certificate in GBS, as she presents a Hackett methodology to understand and accelerate the selection of key performance indicators (KPIs) and the importance of training your teams to effectively measure performance.

By listening to the webcast recording, you will learn to:

  • Define performance management and understand its value Identify key stakeholder groups and recognize the value of knowing your audience
  • Align KPIs with key stakeholder groups
  • Identify optimal KPIs that are related to your organizational goals
  • Build these critical skills within your organization

Please note this webcast is not eligible for CPE credit as it is a recording.

Complimentary Webcast Recording

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