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2024 Human Resources Key Issues Research

Feb 19, 2024
Season 5, Episode 14
In this episode of the Business Excelleration® – Human Resources leaders are expecting to feel increasing pressure in 2024 in the…

2024 Finance Key Issues Research

Feb 12, 2024
Season 5, Episode 13
In this episode of the Business Excelleration® – In 2024, finance organizations will need to do more with less, with cost…

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2024 Procurement Key Issues Research

Jan 29, 2024
Season 5, Episode 11
How have the priorities of procurement leaders changed for 2024? What role will generative AI and technology overall play in…

Finance Transformation at Pella

Jan 22, 2024
Season 5, Episode 10
On this week’s Business Excelleration® Podcast: How has Pella, one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of windows and doors, transformed…