Forging a Digital Path to World-Class HR

Discover new opportunities for major performance gains for HR organizations

World-class human resources organizations have a quantifiable performance advantage, which includes spending 26% less than typical HR groups and requiring 32% less staff. Digital technologies provide further opportunities to accelerate progress; some organizations have made significant strides toward world class in under two years.

Download this complimentary research and learn more including:

  • HR FTEs and budgets Trend
  • Key strategies used by world-class HR organizations to achieve superior performance
  • Specific efficiency and effectiveness performance metrics illustrating where world class outperforms and by how much
  • Differences between world class and peer HR FTEs by process category
  • How digital technologies are changing HR’s operations and ability to generate insights
  • What is the focus of HR digital transformation initiatives
  • Estimated cost savings from the adoption of digital technologies
  • Four tips to jumpstart HR’s digital transformation

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