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At The Hackett Group, we have an environment where people with insight, passion and commitment work together to fulfill ambitious goals. And we all work to the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity. Our working style is how our values get translated in daily life, how clients experience working with us and how we deliver on our promises.

We look for people who are:

  • Insightful – the problems our clients face are complex; therefore we have to be imaginative and innovative
  • Thorough – we deliver rigorous, thorough solutions because that is what our clients expect
  • Committed – we are utterly and absolutely committed to delivering the right solutions and avoiding the tempting compromises sometimes offered by deadlines, budgets, or politics
  • Passionate – passion drives business success, our clients’ success, and therefore ours
  • Collaborative – we collaborate with one another, with our partners, and with our clients

Our organization has always been distinct because of the proprietary data that we capture through our business benchmarking practice; the business best practice research we generate and Hackett Best Practices™ repository and tools that help clients drive to an outcome. It is this intellectual capital centric business model that allows us to provide a truly unique development opportunity for our associates, as well as an unparalleled value proposition to our clients.

The Hackett Group’s effectiveness is ultimately determined by our people and we place great value on training and development. For example, The Hackett Group University develops and delivers programs to improve the skills and knowledge of our people in key areas such as business strategy, technology, business best practices, cost optimization, global business services, and project management.

We also offer online training and professional development resources. And many of our practices maintain technology and development labs so that our implementation specialists can stay current on the latest software releases from leading vendors.


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