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Five Biggest Challenges of SAP S/4HANA Conversion

Dr. Ravi Surya Subrahmanyam, PhD

Abstract No matter how cutting-edge your business system may be, every software product has a finite lifecycle, becoming obsolete sooner or later. Whether it’s outdated technology, changing business trends, evolving business needs, or a change in business applications, it will become necessary to upgrade or migrate your existing business software by converting its key functionalities […]

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Optimize or Empower The Workforce?

Tony DiRomualdo

As the challenges of operating a business in the Covid-19 world show few signs of letting up, the C-suite is turning its attention to dealing with the longer-term implications for the workforce. This is exposing values and beliefs of the organization and the nature of executive perceptions and levels of trust in their workers. This issue […]

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Reinventing the Analytics Process

Nilly Essaides

No one could have predicted the massive disruption brought on by the coronavirus. But some companies were better prepared than others to withstand the turbulence. Finance organizations that acquired more-advanced analytics and developed flexible planning processes had a head start. Those that have not now face an urgent need to upgrade their capabilities. Pre-pandemic, 79% […]

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CFOs: Going Beyond Short-Term Planning

Nilly Essaides

The coronavirus pandemic sent a seismic shock through the economy, forcing many finance organizations to throw out 2020 forecasting and budget assumptions and start from scratch. The pressure to address the immediate challenges makes it easy to get caught up in short-term thinking. But it’s very important that finance maintains a steady focus on the […]

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Get Rid of The Long Tail to Release Cash and Reduce Cost

Istvan Bodo

The current coronavirus pandemic has seriously tested the resilience and agility of every organizations’ supply chain function. Lockdowns have disrupted global supply chains at production and distribution level, huge swings in demand lead to constrained raw material as well as limited availability of goods. Managing a complex product portfolio and forecasting future demand is problematic […]

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Seven Payroll Weaknesses Exposed by COVID-19 and How to Fix Them

Kelley Rousayne, Global Time to Pay Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis has put organizations to the test, and payroll was no exception. World-class organizations with strong business continuity plans and a high level of automation have been able to react faster and more efficiently than their peers, who relied upon individual acts of heroism to get the job done. The crisis […]

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How IT will Support a New Way of Working

Rick Pastore

Among business leaders, the consensus after two months of office shutdowns is that most knowledge workers can do their jobs as well at home as they did in the office. An informal poll of CIOs found that 20% had evidence that workers were actually more productive at home (although several expressed concern over burnout experienced […]

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Change Management: What does it mean to you?

Maureen Piché

During my career, I’ve heard varying definitions of change management ranging from the tactical to the esoteric. Perhaps more important than its definition is the role of change management in the transformation process. For purposes of this article, I will focus on transformations that focus on complex restructuring, reorganization, globalization, and mergers and acquisitions. How […]

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5 steps to building a post-Covid ‘Cash Culture’​

Craig Bailey

In today’s world CFOs are analyzing daily cash inflows and outflows as organizations manage liquidity concerns but in 2020 Finance cannot take responsibility for working capital alone. Creating a cross-functional cash culture expands ownership and accountability for working capital levers and enablers, embedding cash preservation in strategic and tactical decision-making, and activity prioritization. Organizations are […]

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