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Eight Steps for Priming an IT Innovation Culture

Richard Pastore

As the above diagram shows, a majority of IT leaders want to move away from their current organization’s hierarchical culture to one that is more innovative, valuing experimentation and risk-taking. As we know, successful culture change does not happen with a new reporting relationship, a fast-track governance process, an open floor plan, or free energy […]

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Enterprise Analytics: Decentralized, Centralized, Decentralized?

Nilly Essaides

When viewed from 30,000 feet, our research and ongoing conversations with clients reveal a vacillating trend in how companies deliver analytics to the enterprise. After a period of decentralization, more companies are consolidating their analytics and decision-support activities in centers of excellence (COEs). Yet the most advanced organizations are once again decentralizing the capability through […]

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Threat or a Gift? What Automation Really Means for the Customer-to-Cash Process

Claudia Oltean

The customer-to-cash process encompasses the financial and business processes for receiving and processing customer orders. A company that has an efficient customer-to-cash process in place will always bill its customers in a timely and error-free manner, obtain payment for products and services to agreed payment terms, and aim to process payments in the most accurate […]

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Overcoming Obstacles to an Innovative IT Culture

Rick Pastore

The largest group of respondents to The Hackett Group’s Changing IT Culture poll want to adopt a more innovative, bold and entrepreneurial culture. They believe it will better position IT as a partner that can consult, collaborate and inspire with new ways of applying technology to solve problems and seize opportunities. Yet, there are many obstacles to adopting […]

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How Could Working Capital Benefit From Blockchain?

Liselore Kolff

Most of us have heard of the term blockchain, but what is it and why is it growing? The concept is supposed to change the nature of supply chain management in the coming years. Others describe it as one of the biggest potential disruptors to digital business going forward. For those who don’t know what […]

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