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How IT will Support a New Way of Working

Rick Pastore

Among business leaders, the consensus after two months of office shutdowns is that most knowledge workers can do their jobs as well at home as they did in the office. An informal poll of CIOs found that 20% had evidence that workers were actually more productive at home (although several expressed concern over burnout experienced […]

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Change Management: What does it mean to you?

Maureen Piché

During my career, I’ve heard varying definitions of change management ranging from the tactical to the esoteric. Perhaps more important than its definition is the role of change management in the transformation process. For purposes of this article, I will focus on transformations that focus on complex restructuring, reorganization, globalization, and mergers and acquisitions. How […]

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5 steps to building a post-Covid ‘Cash Culture’​

Craig Bailey

In today’s world CFOs are analyzing daily cash inflows and outflows as organizations manage liquidity concerns but in 2020 Finance cannot take responsibility for working capital alone. Creating a cross-functional cash culture expands ownership and accountability for working capital levers and enablers, embedding cash preservation in strategic and tactical decision-making, and activity prioritization. Organizations are […]

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The Future Blended On-Premises/Remote Workplace

Tony DiRomualdo

My colleague, Rick Pastore, wrote a thought-provoking blog post on the prospects for a return to the office. He foresees a slow and troublesome return and predicts most workers will be reluctant to risk their safety and trade the additional time they’ve gained working from home to again commute to an office. He thinks there has been a […]

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