Hackett Performance Exchange™

Over time, the events that shape growth and evolution also introduce more complexity into your business – making it challenging to gain a true and timely picture of operating performance and its impact on costs, cash flow and customer service. Where does your organization stand on its journey to operational excellence? Do you know which process improvement actions could have the greatest impact on performance today? The Hackett Group's Performance Exchange™ can help.

Drive operational excellence through continuous process improvement

The Hackett Performance Exchange™ is an easy-to-implement, cloud-based performance intelligence solution that:

  • Extracts data from SAP® or Oracle® systems each month using our HackettConnector
  • Quantifies current process metrics and compares them with median and world-class performance levels
  • Identifies and calculates the size of continuous process improvement opportunities-often in the tens of millions-based on The Hackett Group's extensive business benchmarking database
  • Speeds the path to operational excellence through access to The Hackett Group's Best Practices Intelligence Center™ and quarterly discussions with a senior business advisor

Free your resources to focus on decision making, not data collection

With proper credentials, your users can:

  • Analyze cycle time, automation, effectiveness, and volume-based process metrics
  • Drill down from company results to detailed comparisons between business units or regions
  • Compare performance with peer-group and world-class data
  • Quantify and evaluate performance and business process improvement opportunities
  • Review month-to-month trends to track and monitor progress

Covers your most significant process improvement opportunities

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  • Account-to-Report Exchange
  • Order-to-Cash Exchange
  • Purchase-to-Pay Exchange

From a performance improvement leader

Your Hackett Performance Exchange™ membership provides access to The Hackett Group's Best Practices Intelligence Center™, derived from more than 13,000 business benchmarking and performance optimization projects and studies around the world comprising more than 20,000 performance metrics and more than 2,800 best practices.

The Hackett Group has a proven track record of success helping leading global companies achieve operational excellence. With offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia and clients in nearly 60 countries, our team can help you navigate global process transformation challenges. We have provided business advisory and executive advisory solutions to nearly 3,500 companies across the globe, including 93 percent of the Dow Jones Industrial Index companies, 86 percent of the Fortune 100 and 87 percent of the DAX 30-helping deliver more than $90 billion in sustainable cost savings and more than $25 billion in improved cash flow.

FedEx Tech Connect

Learn how Jay Cofield, Vice President of FedEx Tech Connect, is using the Hackett Performance Exchange™ to drive improvement.

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Many organizations resort to costly custom solutions to gain the same performance intelligence. Can you afford to take that route? Contact us to learn how The Hackett Group's Performance Exchange™ can help you accelerate your journey to operational excellence and world-class performance.

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