Global Time-to-Pay Executive Advisory

Membership-based advice to payroll process owners to solve the issues you face in transforming your function and improving performance by leveraging our unmatched intellectual capital and our large experience in successfully driving change.

Insight that drive business process improvement

Advisory members have access to:

  • Advisors with real-world payroll and workforce management process transformation experience
  • Payroll metrics and measurement tools
  • Analysis and insight into world-class practices through publications
  • Customized executive briefings tailored to your organization
  • Peer interaction and learning opportunities

What makes the difference?

The Hackett Group’s global time to pay advisory program is designed to guide payroll leaders through their most impactful and difficult decisions – payroll and workforce management strategy, process optimization, cost reduction – helping them to realize value for payroll as well as the broader enterprise.

Key deliverables:

  • Advisor access: Advisors fulfill requests on demand for best practice insights, data, and recommendations to support both planning and implementation phases of an advisory member’s payroll and workforce management initiatives.
  • Facilitated briefings: Advisor-led briefing sessions customized to discuss key issues that impact your business. Briefings may be in the form of a presentation to key stakeholders or a workshop to help accelerate a key learning from the advisory program.
  • Performance studies and value accelerators:
    • A rolling series of topical and process-based surveys on key areas of interest to the member community.
    • Access to the Global Payroll Performance study to identify key business issues and emerging best practices that can improve operational excellence and competitive advantage.
    • Value accelerators are pre-packaged, “health check” tools to enable rapid assessment of payroll service delivery model elements and process capability maturity.
    • Best practice research: Provides objective, empirically based analysis and insight into the performance metrics and best practices of world-class companies.