Modernizing the Business Relationship Manager Role

By Rick Pastore
May 21, 2019

IT’s business relationship manager is the spear tip of the function’s effort to be a strategic, valued partner to the business; and it’s overdue for a sharpening. The BRMs that IT align with business functions or units are the main conduit of IT knowledge, capability and culture to business stakeholders. 


The role’s ideal charter, however, is evolving in this era of business transformation.


Source: The Hackett Group

Likewise, the nature of the partnership between the BRM and the business is becoming more and more elevated, along with the value that the role should deliver. 


Most BRM roles started life as passive supply managers for their constituents. Most have moved on to manage demand on the “customer” side. It is becoming necessary to be a true partner and business peer, teaming on transformation and growth strategies and innovation opportunities.

Source: The Hackett Group

To find out just how IT organizations are modernizing their BRMs, The Hackett Group is conducting a short, five-minute poll on what’s changed in the role’s mission, placement and capabilities. We are collecting ratings on the effectiveness of the most common modernization methods and their achieved or expected outcomes.


Because we want the most accurate results, we need help from IT professionals like you. Fill out the survey by June 13, and you’ll receive the full results.