Managed Services

Accelerate performance with application managed services

Today’s cloud environments provide businesses with essential platforms for growth and agility. Yet, for many IT organizations, the additional complexity of managing and maintaining a modern operating environment can be a significant drain on internal IT resources. Application managed services offer an easier and more effective way to manage cloud environments. Provided by teams with deep expertise and extensive experience, managed services enable IT organizations to offload many of the complicated aspects of working with cloud environments while delivering a predictable cost structure for maintaining a stable and high-performing environment.

As a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, The Hackett Group® offers application managed services that delivers world-class capabilities, customized for the needs and operations of customers. Drawing on deep functional and technical skills, we keep vital applications and the businesses they support performing at optimal levels 24/7/365.

The benefits of managed services

Application managed services offer significant advantages to The Hackett Group customers.

Increased operational efficiency

Managed services can bring relief to an overburdened IT staff while also facilitating knowledge transfer that can empower IT professionals in the future.

Lower operating costs

A predictable monthly subscription model allows organizations to manage budgets more easily while scaling the business. By enabling organizations to reduce IT and application support staff, managed services can help achieve sizable cost savings.

Less downtime

Managed services teams leverage knowledge and expertise as well as experience with a large base of customers to resolve issues faster and prevent outages.

Focus on core capabilities

Application managed services allow companies to stay focused on running the business, rather than managing their technology. IT labor costs can be redirected toward revenue generation and strategic planning.

Continuous monitoring

Application managed services provide peace of mind, as companies know that their applications are monitored 24/74/365.

Application managed services with The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group provides dedicated expertise and enterprise benchmarking that help global companies successfully manage digital transformation. With services that range from eProcurement and process automation to working capital management and business partnering, we help organizations implement best practices and benchmark performance against peers and world-class competitors.

The Hackett Group’s application managed services teams work as an extension of internal IT teams to monitor, maintain and optimize a wide array of enterprise applications in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid deployments. Our comprehensive services help maintain stable application environments while allowing customers to enjoy a predictable cost structure.

Application management

Our services include 24×7 proactive database monitoring and corrective action, administration of remote applications and databases, cloud migrations, back-up and recovery, disaster planning as well as performance tuning and upgrades.

Application support

Our teams provide remote functional support along with implementation, configuration, documentation, training and break/fix services.

Applications development

We develop applications and enhancements, providing technical break/fix support, technical training and integration with third-party apps.

Private cloud hosting

Our services include enterprise business solutions, databases, and new project and production environments.

Payroll as a service

We offer regular and off-cycle processing services and can interface with payroll software vendors.

Managed services for Oracle Cloud EPR and HCM

As Oracle’s Cloud suite continues to drive innovation, many organizations have decided to transition away from on-premises applications and move their transactional systems to Oracle Cloud. These companies are also realizing significant cost reduction since the cost of supporting cloud applications is lower, allowing organizations to redirect these budgets to revenue-generating employees or technology.

Application managed services enables customers of The Hackett Group to realize the full value of Oracle’s impressive quarterly updates. Our services include industry-specific regression testing to maximize the impact of updates. We also offer analysis to help IT staff understand how integrations or off-application configuration may be affected.

Why choose The Hackett Group?

The Hackett Group is an intellectual property-based strategic consultancy and leading enterprise benchmarking firm. Serving global businesses, we offer digital transformation services that include implementation of leading enterprise cloud applications, workflow automation and analytics that enable Digital World Class® performance. Our best practices-based support for business performance management covers a wide range of services from process mining and human capital management to global business services and reduction of operational costs.

Enterprises choose our managed services for several key reasons:

  • Flexibility: We customize our services and contracts to the needs of each client. We offer both onshore and offshore service models as well as a dedicated managed services team when required.
  • Expertise: Our team maintains up-to-date product knowledge, holds current certifications and has access to the latest vendor resources and training.
  • Proven processes: Our rigorous service methodologies ensure proven and reliable call management and control processes.
  • Thought leadership: We contribute innovative ideas, best practices and industry expertise that can help maximize the value of technology investments.
  • End-to-end support: In addition to managed services, we offer consulting and implementation capabilities that allow us to provide continuous support from initial solution design through ongoing operations.


What are managed services?

In IT, managed services are tasks handled by a third-party provider rather than an in-house IT team.

What are the benefits of managed services?

Managed services enable IT organizations to free internal teams from routine maintenance or from highly complex tasks that require greater expertise. As a result, managed services can improve service quality while reducing expenses. When provided on a subscription basis, managed services deliver more predictable costs.

What are application managed services?

Application managed services allow IT teams to shift responsibility for implementing, configuring, maintaining, updating and troubleshooting applications to a third-party provider.