Process Mining

Harness the power of process mining

World-class businesses leverage process mining as a path to performance improvement, cost reduction, and higher profitability. As a result, these industry leaders are better positioned to respond to changing market conditions and increasing cost pressure. When implemented effectively, process mining can produce insights that drive improvements to operations throughout the business, providing the foundation to build your digital operations to help achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

As a leading operations and strategy consulting firm, The Hackett Group® offers process mining and consulting services that help clients achieve desired results from business process change and process transformation programs.

How process mining works

Process mining analyzes a business process from end to end using a variety of technologies and methods. The objective is to understand how a process actually works, how it diverges from the intended ideal, what problems or inefficiencies are present, and what can be optimized to enhance results.

Process mining is performed by creating process maps at a transaction level using data and event logs from enterprise information systems, transaction processing systems, and resource planning systems. Using visualizations to understand every step and detail of an individual transaction process flow, companies can identify what actually takes place as a process is executed. Root cause analysis helps to identify problems, bottlenecks, inefficiencies and workarounds that should be addressed.

With this detail and understanding, businesses can more easily optimize process automation and flow to achieve cost savings and improve efficiency.

Process mining with The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group offers dedicated expertise and business benchmarking that help global companies successfully navigate digital transformation. By implementing leading cloud applications, workflow automation and enterprise analytics, we enable companies to achieve Digital World Class® performance.

The Hackett Group can support all aspects of a business process change program – from development of quantitative and qualitative process metrics to root cause analysis through process mining and process redesign and optimization.

We offer:

  • A track record of proven results. We have performed more than 26,000 benchmark studies with the world’s leading businesses, including 97% of the Dow Jones Industrials, 89% of the Fortune 100, 70% of the DAX 40 and 55% of the FTSE 100. Our clients have relied on our services and expertise to achieve billions of dollars in sustainable cost reductions and cash flow improvements as well as significant enhancements to operational effectiveness.
  • Broad expertise. Our services cross a full range of business operations, including finance, information technology, human resources, payroll, sourcing and procurement, supply chain operations, working capital management, global business services, and enterprise performance management.
  • Benchmarking and best practices. Our Best Practices Intelligence Center is the world’s largest searchable online repository of empirically proven business best practices, implementation tools, performance metrics, and research and events. Our data covers more than 95 process areas down to the activity level.

Benefits of process benchmarking

In addition to consulting services for process mining, we offer process benchmarking services that can be instrumental in the success of business process improvement programs. The advantages of process benchmarking include:

  • Clarity. Process benchmarking exercises help organizations more clearly identify and articulate current processes, providing a better understanding of the starting point from which potential change initiatives can be explored.
  • Comparison. Process benchmarking reveals how a company performs relative to peers and industry leaders, highlighting areas for potential near-term and long-term business process improvement.
  • Justification. Process benchmarking produces empirical data and insights that can be helpful in justifying a request for resources or in building a compelling business case for process improvement initiatives.

Why choose The Hackett Group?

Providing intellectual property-based strategic consulting, The Hackett Group is an enterprise business benchmarking firm to global companies. Our offerings are built on insight and best practices drawn from unparalleled intellectual property developed through benchmark studies with the world’s leading businesses. We provide business advisory programs, consulting services, exclusive assets and technologies that address a broad range of business concerns from intelligent automation and reduction of operational costs to application-managed services and enterprise data and analytics.

With The Hackett Group, organizations gain:

  • Faster time to value. Our database of empirically proven best practices, performance and process metrics, and implementation tools enables businesses to speed deployment of technology, programs, and solutions.
  • Proprietary insight. With proven intellectual property and invaluable business benchmarking data, we help organizations pursue world-class performance.
  • Extensive experience. Through implementation of a rich variety of client solutions, we have developed the expertise and experience to design tailored solutions for any business.


What is process mining?

Process mining is the task of analyzing business processes to understand how they work, where they break down, how they deviate from best practices or ideal workflows, and how they can be optimized to improve outcomes.

How does process mining work?

Process mining uses algorithms built with information from a wide range of resource planning and information systems. This data enables companies to visualize end-to-end processes and examine the timing and flow of each step to identify bottlenecks, workarounds and workflow inefficiencies.

What are the benefits of process mining?

Process mining offers data-based insights that can help to analyze and enhance existing business processes. It simplifies compliance, measures progress, and helps to eliminate bottlenecks and efficiencies. The practice of process mining is quicker and less expensive than process mapping workshops – the traditional method for evaluating business processes.