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The 2023 CPO Agenda Infographic

Amid unprecedented financial, demographic and geopolitical uncertainty, procurement executives ranked their priorities for the coming year.

2023 Digital Awards Program Overview

For details about the awards and award categories, please download the Program Overview in its entirety before completing your application…

2023 Enterprise Key Issues Research

Feb 7, 2023
Season 4, Episode 7
What priorities and challenges do companies expect to face in 2023? A discussion of findings from our 2023 Enterprise Key…

2023 Supply Chain Key Issues Research

Jan 24, 2023
Season 4, Episode 5
Highlights from our 2023 Supply Chain Key Issues research, with Principal, Supply Chain Business & Transformation Practice Josh Nelson and…

2023 Human Resources Key Issues Research

Jan 19, 2023
Season 4, Episode 4
A discussion of finding from our newly-released 2023 HR Key Issues Research looking at challenges and opportunities for human resources…

2023 Procurement Key Issues Research

Jan 16, 2023
Season 4, Episode 2
What priorities and challenges do procurement leaders expect to face in 2023? An overview of our latest Procurement Key Issues…

2023 Finance Key Issues Research

Jan 10, 2023
Season 4, Episode 1
What challenges and priorities will CFOs and their teams be focused on in 2023? A discussion of key findings from…

Market Intelligence Service Launch

Dec 20, 2022
Season 3, Episode 44
A spotlight on The Hackett Group’s newly-launched Market Intelligence Service, which evaluates and ranks software and services providers, quantifying the…

Hackett Excelleration Matrix™

The Hackett Excelleration Matrix™ analyzes software and solution offerings based on two dimensions: Capability breadth and business value and impact.