Business Best Practices Intelligence Center

The Hackett Group’s Best Practices Intelligence Center™ is the world’s largest searchable online repository of empirically proven business best practices, performance metrics, implementation tools and associated Hackett research and events. The companies in our database are highly representative of all major industries, organizational structures and geographies.

Knowing how to quickly adopt and manage Hackett-Certified® Best Practices is an essential ingredient in achieving world-class performance. Having access to the Business Best Practices Intelligence Center™ at your fingertips gives you considerable perspective and decision support.

Get on the The Hackett Highway® to gain access to our Best Practices Intelligence Center™. Members of our executive advisory programs have online access through the Hackett Member Center portal.

Best Practices Intelligence Center™ Resources

Process Areas

Over 95 process areas down to the activity level across finance, human resources, information technology, procurement and supply chain functions.

Implementation Tools

Extensive library of over 500 implementation tools and templates. Including process control libraries, flow diagrams and current state questionnaires tailored to each process area. In addition to implementation guides, requirements matrices and configuration guides specific to Oracle implementation, PeopleSoft and SAP implementation.

Performance Metrics

Hundreds of finance, procurement, IT and hr strategy and process metrics, addressing both qualitative and quantitative aspects of business performance management, providing a framework for understanding the true drivers of cost and complexity.

Best Practices Benchmarking

Over 2,050 business best practices with information on prerequisites and enablers, benefits, risks and the implementation considerations necessary to achieve results. Includes over 600 “quick wins” that can yield quantifiable performance optimization within six months.”


Searchable repository of in-depth research reports on business trends and business process improvement and performance management issues; case studies; and findings from empirical studies on a wide range of key business concerns.


Information about upcoming Hackett Group members-only conferences and webcasts. Also, downloadable presentations on a variety of vital business topics previously delivered at Hackett events.

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