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Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) is reinventing what’s possible – disrupting how businesses think and how they operate. Businesses that take bold action now can uncover once unimaginable opportunities, transform faster and better anticipate the future. In fact, our research expects Gen AI to deliver a 44% improvement in human productivity.1 Using our revolutionary AI XPLR platform, we are uniquely qualified to architect your Gen AI journey.

Generative AI Could Reduce SG&A Costs
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Our Research Shows Gen AI Could Increase Human Productivity by 44%

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Discover Your Gen AI Potential With AI XPLR™

Identify, quantify and prioritize your best Gen AI opportunities using AI XPLR with our Digital World Class® performance data to produce a detailed deployment road map unique to your business.

What makes the difference?

Digital World Class benchmark data


Extensive database of AI solutions and 200+ real-world use cases, including the tools and skills required


Comprehensive AI exploration and opportunity identification

Our experienced Gen AI experts provide proven solutions – enabled by AI XPLR – to successfully deploy a comprehensive approach for your business. We are your trusted partner from ideation to implementation:

AI Strategy

Understand your enterprise or functionwide Gen AI potential and pros and cons of a use case ideation implementation approach.

AI Opportunity Assessment

Identify your best Gen AI opportunities with precision to prioritize, plan and allocate resources with speed.

AI Readiness

Educate and mobilize your entire organization across all Gen AI dimensions – workforce, technology, data, governance, privacy and security.

AI Use Case Identification

Discover real opportunities where Gen AI can deliver proven transformative value to your business, including the expected return, cost and time frame.

AI Data Integrity

Verify data quality across the entire data life cycle and provide a reliable foundation for your Gen AI solutions.

AI Solution Development

Develop and deploy embedded, native, and domain-specialized Gen AI solutions across your workflows and technology for breakthrough performance.

AI Centers of Excellence

Centralize dedicated Gen AI expertise for swift implementation of priorities and strong coordination, collaboration, and oversight across the enterprise.

AI Market Intelligence Insights

Understand Gen AI solution provider expertise with our Digital World Class Matrix™ reports to ensure qualified execution.

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