The Hackett Group’s Digital Excelleration® Suite

Digital Excelleration is a distinctive and carefully assembled set of resources designed specifically to advance digital transformation and your journey toward Digital World Class® performance.

We have tapped our unparalleled intellectual capital – including benchmarking data and digital expertise – to create a suite of resources specifically for advancing digital transformation and the journey to Digital World Class performance. Digital Excelleration encompasses several of the most essential elements for successful digital transformation, including benchmarking performance measurement, cloud operations, smart automation, analytics, and skills.

The Hackett Group’s Digital Excelleration<sup style="line-height: 0;">®</sup> Suite
  • Quantum Leap®: automate benchmarking and management of continuous improvement initiatives
  • Digital Transformation Platform: fast-track your move to the cloud
  • Smart Automation: target the right automation opportunities
  • Analytics Lab: develop breakthrough business insight without a large, up-front investment
  • Digital skill-building resources from The Hackett Institute: reskill your workforce for the digital age