The Hackett Value Matrix™ Usage Guidelines

To promote your achievement, The Hackett Group has created licensing packages that include your report and designation graphic, which allows companies to leverage their recognition in print and digital marketing materials.

This document is to serve as a guide for purchasing, using, and promoting The Hackett Group’s Hackett Value Matrix reports with licensing rights. It may not describe every possible scenario or answer every question you may have, so if you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager.

Companies purchase licenses for both internal and external use. Internally, they can be used to help educate employees about the company’s tools, products or industry. Externally, they can be used to help educate an audience or to generate leads (e.g., posted on a company’s website, distributed, etc.).

Press releases, social media posts and web promotion

It’s important to note that solution providers may not produce press releases or promote their designation or placement in the Hackett Value Matrix report on the Web or social media without purchasing a licensing package. All guidance in this section pertains only to solution providers that have purchased a license.

Solutions providers cannot issue press releases or post to social media or websites until after The Hackett Group makes its own announcement of the research results via a press release.

All solutions provider press releases must be approved by The Hackett Group. Please submit them to

Solutions providers must not overstate their placement in our research by using only language drawn from the research itself. Acceptable terminology includes “Digital World Class” “Capability Leader”, “Value Leader”, “Challenger Solution”, and “Emerging Solution”. In each case the term can be followed by “in the CATEGORY NAME category”.

The proper way to refer to our research is “RESEARCH NAME FROM The Hackett Group.” You can also refer to the research as “The Hackett Value Matrix on CATEGORY NAME”.

If the trademarks of The Hackett Group are included in your press release, proper reference to the registration rights associated with such trademarks must be included. Example: The Hackett Group, Hackett-Certified, quadrant logo, World Class Defined and Enabled, Quantum Leap and Digital Value are the registered marks of The Hackett Group. If solutions providers want to include quotes in their press releases, social media, or website, they can draw from The Hackett Group’s press releases, social media content, or their own profile pages in the full research. Under no circumstances can solutions providers use content from other solutions provider’s profiles. All quotes must be approved by The Hackett Group

Any Value Matrix content from The Hackett Group’s own press releases, social media posts, or website is approved for use by solutions providers in their press releases, social media, or website.

“The Hackett Group®” is the proper way to reference our company. Please be sure to capitalize the T in “The”. Solutions providers should include links to The Hackett Group’s ticker symbol (NASDAQ: HCKT) in all press releases. For social media, solutions providers should mention The Hackett Group using @TheHackettGroup (for platforms other than LinkedIn) and @The_Hackett_Group on LinkedIn. For LinkedIn, solution providers should ensure their post generates automatic links to our website.

Solutions providers should identify the research by its full title, and where possible also refer to it as a product of The Hackett Group.

Solutions providers are welcome to link to our press release, which will be posted here. They can also link to the Webpage for our Market Intelligence Service program, or to the download page for the public version of the research, which will be available after the research is launched. The research will be spotlighted on the Market Intelligence Service page.

Usage rights

Solutions providers can purchase the rights to post a Hackett Value Matrix report on its website or distribute the report. Usage licenses only allow the purchaser to distribute the original, unaltered content. Usage licenses are required whenever a company wants to share or distribute a report.

All usage licenses allow clients to post a link to the Hackett Value Matrix report that is unique for each instance. Clients may not post PDFs of the report; instead, they must use the download link provided upon purchasing a usage license.

Usage licenses may be purchased through your account manager.

Types of licenses

  • Hackett Value Matrix Report: Rights to post a report; this is for the report only and does not include the associated vendor comparison tool.
  • Translations: Translations of licensed content are available for purchase from The Hackett Group. Only translated content purchased from The Hackett Group may be posted or cited publicly. Translations costs vary by length, language, and other factors. Contact your account manager for pricing.

What you get with your license

Report link for distribution

When a license-holder is ready to post its report, it must alert its account manager, who will fulfill the request. The license-holder will receive a unique URL that opens an HTML instance of the report within a web browser. Readers may save the PDF version of the report from this webpage. The usage license applies to this link; other forms of the report are not covered in the usage license. The link will expire automatically when the usage license expires.


The Hackett Group will provide a badge for the designation achieved in the report that will accompany the usage licenses. A badge is a small, branded graphic that are approved for use in promoting certain licensed reports. Examples are shown below:

Badges may be used during the time that a client has licensed the corresponding report; subject to approval from The Hackett Group, they can be used in the following ways, including but not limited to:

  • A landing page promoting the document.
  • A recognition page on a client website.
  • Banner ads promoting the usage/landing pages.

Usage guidelines

  • All reports must be distributed in their entirety and in their original format. You may not change, augment, or otherwise adapt the original report in any way, such as by adding your logo or other language. The report may not be bundled with other content in the same binding or file. Additionally, the content may not be repurposed into any other media. This includes usage as chapters  in eBooks.
  • The Hackett Group’s copyright notice and approved logo must remain prominently affixed to the report at all times. The report may not be removed from The Hackett Group’s template, and the headers and footers may not be altered.
  • A company may not sell, attempt to sell, or seek any form of consideration for access to a report. Although companies may not seek remuneration for a report, they may use reports for lead-generation purposes provided the usage meets with The Hackett Group’s citation guidelines for promotion and distribution.
  • Usage rights may not be translated by the client. However, translations can be purchased through The Hackett Group. Contact your account manager for pricing and assistance with the process.

Promotion and distribution of the report

  • All language used to promote and position the report in all communications must be approved by The Hackett Group. Paraphrasing or adapting the content of the report is not permitted, and reports may not be used in conjunction with any commercial language that could be perceived as an endorsement from The Hackett Group.

Additional restrictions and notes

  • License agreements are effective for the time period beginning on the date of fulfillment and last for the duration specified in the license agreement. A license is active only for the length of time purchased (e.g., 12 months), and that length of time begins the moment the request is fulfilled. Unused licenses expire after 12 months from the order start date on your purchase agreement.
  • Organizations may not distribute reports to the media. Members of the media may contact to request copies of our research.
  • Only the most current reports on a topic will be sold usage licenses. If a report is more than 18 months old, your account team will check with the research analysts to confirm that the findings are still accurate and that an update will not be published soon. Please note that while you may be able to purchase the reprint, The Hackett Group reserves the right to decline requests to cite that report in other materials.

Contact and support

If you have additional questions, please contact your account manager.