Business Operations Insights


AI and Enterprise Platforms

May 28, 2024
Season 5, Episode 28
In this episode of the Business Excelleration® Podcast, we explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries and opening new…

Mid-Market Digital Transformation

May 14, 2024
Season 5, Episode 26
What unique challenges do mid-market companies have when it comes to digital transformation? How can they overcome them? A discussion…

2024 Technology Key Issues Research

Apr 2, 2024
Season 5, Episode 20
What priorities do technology leaders have for the coming year? How prepared are they to address them? Highlights of findings…

2024 Supply Chain Key Issues Research

Mar 19, 2024
Season 5, Episode 18
What are the priorities for supply chain leaders in the year ahead? What improvement initiatives are they planning? A discussion…