Technology Insights


Improving the Stakeholder Experience

Sep 13, 2022
Season 3, Episode 32
Rick Pastore, Senior Director and Technology Research Advisory discusses findings from our recent research looking at “Improving the Stakeholder Experience,”…

The True Business Value of Cloud Migration

May 24, 2022
Season 3, Episode 19
The Hackett Group Senior Director and Global IT Advisory Practice Leader Chris Key talks with Tech Transformation Practice Principal Mike…

Inside ADP’s Innovation Lab

Dec 6, 2021
Season 2, Episode 20
The Hackett Group Director Jay Ruffin talks with Senior Director Rick Pastore, ADP Senior Vice President Roberto Masiero and ADP…

Why is Technology So Lousy at Innovation

Jun 15, 2021
4 Min Read
Minus fifty-six (-56). That is the net promoter score that stakeholders give their technology organizations for innovation effectiveness. This is…