Diploma in GBS

For global business services (GBS) process team leaders and managers or senior associates preparing for managerial roles


The Diploma in GBS includes 10 intermediate level courses focusing on operational excellence through GBS work team leader tools and techniques.

Developed by The Hackett Institute’s experts with input from world–class practitioners, the Diploma level curriculum covers:

  • GBS and service delivery models
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Process design
  • Implementation preparation
  • Transition planning and management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Customer service and satisfaction surveys
  • Talent management

The result is a broad perspective and set of managerial skills relevant to increasingly integrated GBS operations. Your managers and senior associates will feel confident in their ability to deliver the organization’s continuous improvement and transformation strategies and lead their teams to meet business objectives.

Employee benefits:

  • Enhance skills, knowledge and capabilities for current roles and become equipped for next–level roles in any of the functional disciplines
  • Acquire a professional, globally recognized qualification that validates your capabilities
  • Develop a broader understanding and greater awareness of customer and business issues and become a more valuable team member
  • Gain recognition from colleagues and management

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Organization benefits:

  • Create a dynamic GBS workforce that can shift easily among finance, HR, IT and procurement process teams
  • Build core knowledge and skills based on best practices
  • Improve productivity and service quality
  • Engage and retain key employees by providing ongoing learning at every level
  • Delight customers through better understanding of their needs

Studying with The Hackett Institute

Studying the Diploma in GBS with The Hackett Institute is easy. Courses are delivered via a dynamic online platform that integrates multimedia elements and allows for a self–guided pace. The Diploma includes approximately 50 hours of study with practical thought–provoking learning activities and end–of–course online assessments to confirm knowledge and understanding.

Upon successful completion of all 10 courses, students receive professional certification from The Hackett Institute and the use of the DGBS® designation – a globally recognized professional qualification and designation for associates working in GBS, shared services, and outsourcing functions.

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