Diploma in Global Business Services

For global business services (GBS) process team leaders and managers or senior associates preparing for managerial roles

The right training and development for employees at all levels is critical to successful GBS transformation and development of world-class GBS capabilities.


The Diploma in Global Business Services – part of a three-level training and certification program for GBS professionals created by The Hackett Group and CIMA – is a first-of-its kind opportunity for managers and team leaders to:

  • Gain broader understanding of finance, HR, IT, and procurement management best practices
  • Enable operational excellence and strategic GBS transformation goals
  • Assume greater responsibility and take on more complex processes
  • Acquire a professional, globally recognized qualification
  • Develop enhanced skills, knowledge and capabilities relevant to current and future roles

Develop skills to enable integrated GBS services

Created by The Hackett Group and CIMA with input from world-class practitioners, the diploma program curriculum covers an array of topics such as:

  • GBS and service delivery models
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Process design
  • Implementation preparation
  • Transition planning and management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Customer service and satisfaction surveys
  • Talent management

The result is a broad perspective and set of managerial skills relevant to increasingly integrated GBS operations.

Flexible learning, rigorous assessment

The Diploma in Global Business Services curriculum offers maximum flexibility in learning style and pace while maintaining the assessment rigor of a best-practice certification program.

Over a period of about three months, participants utilize online learning tools and textbook to complete coursework-working at a pace that accommodates their schedules and learning needs. Following successful completion of course exams, participants receive professional certification from CIMA – and membership of the first global professional network for people working in global business services and outsourcing functions.

Throughout the program, participants also have access to a knowledge center with case studies, frameworks, performance metrics, webcasts, research, and other resources from The Hackett Group, CIMA, and other leading practitioners.

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