The Certified GBS Professionals Program

With the emergence of multifunction global business services (GBS) organizations, a more deliberate approach to talent management is needed. Learning and development becomes imperative to cultivating a high-performing team with a GBS mindset and the capabilities to deliver knowledge-centric services.

The Certified GBS Professionals Program

The Hackett Institute, the professional development arm of The Hackett Group, has developed the Certified GBS Professionals® program to provide a unique three-tiered training and certification program for the development of Digital World Class GBS talent.

Our program helps GBS organizations address the growing need for specialized talent; and offers:

  • Globally relevant content designed to develop future-facing GBS competencies
  • Online learning with immediate application to the workplace
  • A rigorous, globally recognized qualification grounded in Digital World Class insights and best practices
  • The ability to operationalize career development progress allowing for both upward and lateral mobility

Organization benefits:

  • Companies that have a Digital World Class talent management strategy have a demonstrable improvement in overall business performance
  • Create a more dynamic, agile and engaged workforce to support the development of digital GBS
  • Build the key foundational knowledge and skills in best practices, performance metrics, stakeholder management and control frameworks
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Create clear career development paths at every level
  • Attract, retain and develop talent with cutting-edge, globally consistent training programs

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