The Certified Global Business Services program: Lifelong learning and certification for GBS professionals

As global business services (GBS) organizations evolve from single functions and transactional work to integrated business services, knowledge and skills become more vital than ever. Our research shows that top-performing GBS organizations value GBS experience. Three quarters of world-class GBS organizations consider GBS experience to be “critical” or “important” for future positions versus just 42 percent of peers.

GBS Training

Developing world-class GBS talent

The Hackett Group and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) have created three unique, new career development and certification programs to address the growing need for GBS talent and to help companies:

  • Create a dynamic GBS workforce that can shift easily among finance, HR, IT, and procurement process teams
  • Build core knowledge and skills based on best practices
  • Engage and retain key employees
  • Improve agility and the ability to respond to change
  • Delight customers through better understanding of their needs

These programs, certified by CIMA, focus on knowledge-centric skills such as strategic thinking and analysis, data modeling, people management, and change management that are essential for accelerating evolution toward a value-creating, integrated business services model.

These three levels of coursework and certification are:

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Built on GBS best practices and professional development expertise

The global business services program blends CIMA’s certified global professional development capabilities with The Hackett Group’s GBS best practices knowledge and intellectual property. The result is a multi-level learning curriculum that develops GBS competencies in three key areas:

  • Service delivery
  • Service management
  • Transformation management

In addition to prescribed coursework, participants have access to a new knowledge center with case studies, frameworks, performance metrics, webcasts, and research from The Hackett Group, CIMA, and other organizations. The knowledge center supports participants through exams and lifelong learning, with additional resources unlocked upon completion of each certification level.