Digital Transformation

The mandate for digital transformation

Digital transformation is accelerating everything in the business world. As business leaders embrace new ways of working and new operating models, digital transformation has become a No. 1 priority for companies planning a return to stability and the new normal following the pandemic, supply chain disruption, and increased geopolitical risk. In a recent study, more than one-half of companies report having a major digital transformation initiative on their agenda, and nearly two-thirds of these companies have accelerated their programs in response to the 2020 crisis.

In response to this mandate, organizations must find ways to approach digital transformation proactively rather than from a reactive position. As an intellectual property-based strategic consultancy, The Hackett Group® provides digital transformation services that include advising and implementing leading enterprise cloud services and applications, workflow automation, and advanced analytics that enable Digital World Class® performance.

A framework for accelerating digital transformation

The Hackett Group has found that building these five essential capabilities is the most effective way to accelerate digital transformation:

  • Digital engagement. Digital engagement capabilities focus on developing a more thorough understanding of external customers, business leaders, functional teams, employees and third-party partners. Organizations must understand customers across their journey, customizing interactions and ensuring consistent experiences across channels while providing analytics and insight in real time.
  • Digital workforce and organization. Many companies have adopted technology to automate routine tasks and digitize workflows. But the next wave of digital transformation will have an even more profound impact on the workforce and will change the nature of work entirely. To manage this transformation, organizations must focus on enabling technologies such as knowledge management systems, virtual collaboration tools, cloud-based applications and data, and zero trust and role-based security.
  • Digital service optimization. Digital service capabilities revolve around the use of content and process digitization, business process improvement, automated workflows and approvals, and robotic process and intelligent automation.
  • Digital ecosystem. Organizational structures and value chains are evolving into networks of digitally connected resources, service providers, and consumers. To enable this transition, organizations must focus on digital pathways that connect the business with suppliers, customers, and partners to enhance value through greater process efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Analytics-driven business insight. The ability to mine data for business insight will be a significant competitive differentiator. Companies will need sophisticated tools for analyzing rich datasets, modernizing data management platforms, and managing data and analytics as a strategic asset.

The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm that offers executive advisory programs, as well as consulting for digital transformation, business process initiatives, and continuous improvement.

Our consulting services help companies mobilize quick yet intelligent digital transformation. Our practices follow a four-step process to fast-track an organization’s digital journey.

  • Segment existing digital capabilities into the five essential capabilities described previously.
  • Determine the baseline maturity of these capabilities using our established maturity framework.
  • Identify key gaps and opportunities within digital processes.
  • Create a heat map that prioritizes areas for digital innovation.

Along with consulting services, we offer a digital transformation platform that aligns cloud functionality with Hackett-Certified Best Practices and configuration guidance. Our tool guides clients through three easy steps: assessment, transformation and optimization. A quick digital assessment benchmarks current performance against competitors and world-class organizations to identify opportunities for improvement. The transformation stage enables companies to identify best practices that align with their improvement targets and their ability to put those practices into place. The tool then provides process flows and configuration guidance for each best practice to accelerate cloud implementation, improve business outcomes, and maximize return on investment.

Digital transformation services

Our comprehensive digital transformation services are backed by unparalleled benchmarking data, a repository of best practices and experience across the full digital transformation life cycle. Our services include:

  • Cloud migration and modern architecture
  • Demand management, governance and portfolio management
  • Digital architecture strategy, design and implementation
  • Digital transformation strategy, intelligent automation and analytics
  • Enterprise architecture and digital platforms strategy
  • Design and build of an intelligent automation center of excellence
  • Infrastructure complexity reduction
  • Master data management and architecture
  • Operating model design, implementation and optimization
  • Performance benchmarking and best practices benchmarking
  • Sales, general and administrative (SG&A) cost reduction
  • Smart automation opportunity identification and implementation
  • Sourcing and vendor management strategy, design, and implementation
  • Spend management and analytics
  • Talent management, skills and competencies, role definition, and career pathing
  • Technology road map, cloud migration and modern architecture
  • Total cost of ownership model development

Why choose The Hackett Group?

The Hackett Group is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm with particular expertise in performance benchmarking and business process change. Our services include business transformation, enterprise analytics, working capital management and global business services. We also provide dedicated expertise in business strategy, operations, finance, human capital management, strategic sourcing, procurement and e-procurement, and information technology.

We have completed nearly 26,000 benchmarking studies, and the results from these endeavors drive our Best Practice Intelligence Center™. This exclusive asset includes benchmarking metrics, a best practices repository, and best practice configuration guides and process flows that enable our clients and partners to achieve world-class performance.


What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of employing digital technologies to create new capabilities and enhance existing capabilities, processes, and experiences to meet rapidly changing business requirements and increase speed-to-value.

What drives digital transformation?

While digital transformation was an important priority for companies prior to 2020, the pandemic revealed a need for continuous digital innovation of products, services, and operations, and redefined expectations about the growth rate of technology adoption. This period of time also proved the value of a digital operating model to successfully drive positive business outcomes.

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

Companies that successfully drive digital transformation can expect faster revenue growth through speed-to-market, innovation and new digital channels. Companies can also expect lower costs and higher margins through superior operational efficiency. By providing superior client/customer experiences, companies can rely on digital transformation to improve client retention and lower customer acquisition costs.