2022 Source-to-Pay Talent Management Study – Ensuring you have the best talent to take charge of your future

In a fast-changing, technology-intensive, highly collaborative and – now – hybrid work environment, what should procurement and purchase-to-pay organizations be doing right now to ensure their talent management strategy will result in a skilled, highly capable workforce ready to tackle the challenges of the future? How should companies manage the challenges of the Great Resignation? What talent management practices are most effective? What skills are needed to address the future needs of the organization?

  • The current atmosphere for talent management, taking into consideration the changing landscape of talent management as organizations find a new equilibrium in a post-pandemic environment
  • Talent management practices that are being used by organizations to recruit, hire, develop, appraise, retain and manage career progression of employees
  • How organizations are working with their talent pool to ensure the skills required for the future are established

Participation time and complimentary report

We estimate that it will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to answer all study questions. Findings from this study can be used to understand what talent management practices are most effective for managing the challenges of today as well as providing a roadmap for the skills that need to be developed for the future. Aggregate study results will be distributed to all participants.

This study should be completed by the individual responsible for talent management for your procurement and/or purchase-to-pay functions.

Confidentiality and contact

All respondent and individual company information will remain completely confidential. For more information about the study, please contact Amy Hillcox.