Understanding Top Performance in GBS Stakeholder Experience Poll

Find out how GBS organizations are measuring stakeholder experiences and which best practices and technologies they deploy to optimize them.

Participate in the complimentary 2022 GBS stakeholder experience poll to learn:

  • The strategic importance of stakeholder experience to GBS organizations and the commitments made to execute the improvement strategies
  • Which methods and specific KPIs are used by GBS organizations to measure stakeholder experiences and actual performance levels
  • What specific tool, techniques, practices and enabling technologies are deployed to improve stakeholder experiences, and how effective they are
  • What separates stakeholder experiences of top performers from those of peers – in terms of strategic commitments, measured performance, best practice and enabling technology adoption

Poll participants will receive composite research results and an exclusive invitation to a webcast that will discuss important findings from the research.

Your responses will remain completely confidential. For more information about this poll, contact Rick Pastore.

The Hackett Group’s Measuring and Managing Top Performance in GBS Stakeholder Experience Poll is open until June 3, 2022 at no cost to participants.