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GBS Webcast On Demand: Going Deeper into the Role of the Process Owner

Managing for Value. Redefining Enterprise Process Ownership. The key to success of driving process improvement is role clarity and the ability to influence.

As global business services (GBS) evolves from labor arbitrage to digital business services, the role of global process ownership (GPO) becomes ever more powerful. Accountable and responsible for end-to-end process management – reducing costs, optimizing performance, transforming the customer experience – and increasingly involved in digital transformation.

GBS Webcast On-demand: Going Deeper into the Role of the Process Owner

In this webcast, Philip King, GBS Senior Director, takes a deeper look into process ownership, the benefits of having global process owners in the evolving GBS environment and best practices to support them.

You will learn:

  • The significance of global process ownership and its true value
  • Three critical questions to designing effective process ownership
  • What does World-class GPO mean for your organization
  • Best practice for successful process ownership
  • The pros and cons of different process ownership approaches
  • The impact of digital transformation on process ownership
  • How to embed the skills of process ownership, development, measurement, and improvement throughout your organization.