Hackett Fully Integrates Leading-Edge Gen AI Ideation-to-Implementation Insights Into Its Executive Advisory Programs

June 18, 2024
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Insights Emanate From Recent In-Depth Conversations With Hundreds of Leading Companies Addressing Their Primary Adoption and Deployment Considerations

Miami, FL – June 18, 2024The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCKT) has fully integrated leading-edge generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) data and insights from its recent in-depth conversations with hundreds of leading global companies and its groundbreaking AI XPLR™ platform into its Executive Advisory membership programs. AI XPLR empowers executives with critical insight on how to develop comprehensive plans to fully capture and deploy their Gen AI opportunities. It also allows The Hackett Group to participate as key architects of their client’s Gen AI journey.

Gen AI adoption is a strategic imperative capturing the headlines and mindshare of leading executives. The transformative and disruptive potential of these emerging capabilities is undeniable. However, research at The Hackett Group found that less than one in 10 companies have properly considered breakthrough Gen AI use cases that can dramatically impact their performance and create distinct competitive advantage by identifying new ways to market or deliver products and services and support business-enabling functions.

Although our research estimates a 40% productivity improvement opportunity across the enterprise, no one can adequately measure the exponential value of innovation driven by the most ambitious applications of Gen AI technologies, and what is now possible through the amplification of both artificial and human intelligence with Gen AI. Given this enormous opportunity or threat for those who fail to act or move too slowly, the most critical decision is what is the best way to develop a comprehensive plan to find out. It is also increasingly clear that it is essential and incredibly difficult to educate and mobilize the entire enterprise in the pursuit of Gen AI enablement opportunities that require the sophisticated use of data.

The common theme has been for organizations to consider and respond to individual AI use case ideas proposed by software and service providers. However, this approach isolates Gen AI knowledge and innovation to a limited portion of the enterprise. It also fails to educate and mobilize the entire enterprise. The Hackett Group strongly believes that not having a complete top-down enterprisewide plan that prioritizes use case ideas in selected business areas is flawed and suboptimal. To realize meaningful Gen AI-driven productivity gains, The Hackett Group believes organizations must take a top-down enterprise approach that will result in the identification of use cases that result in the most impactful and feasible way to prioritize their efforts.

“We have been very fortunate to have very high engagement from hundreds of leading companies to inform our actionable advice,” said Ted Fernandez, chairman and CEO of The Hackett Group. “We believe this engagement will continue and keep us at the leading edge of Gen AI ideation through implementation issues we can share with our clients.”

The Hackett Group’s Executive Advisory members can access the collective knowledge from the world’s best businesses and AI vendors through personalized, advisor-led guidance and fact-based research that resides in its Hackett Connect™ member center. With this integration, members now have access to crucial education, ideation, adoption, and implementation strategies based on implementation know-how from AI XPLR platform engagements. The Executive Advisory programs include access to AI use cases from its rapidly expanding use case repository, insights supported by Digital World Class® AI benchmarks and emerging AI best practices.

“Our research shows those who embrace Gen AI with a top-down portfolio approach now have a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, while those who don’t face a significant competitive risk,” said Andy Warzecha, principal, Advisory practice leader and chief market intelligence officer of The Hackett Group. “With access to the latest Gen AI insight and emerging AI benchmarks, best practices, and frameworks, our advisors are well-equipped to help members navigate their AI journeys in a way no other provider can.”

For more information about The Hackett Group’s expanded Executive Advisory programs, please visit https://www.thehackettgroup.com/executive-advisory/.

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