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Benchmarking Uncovers Supply Chain and Customer Services GBS Opportunities


Take advantage of the opportunities a GBS model can provide for your supply chain organization

Supply chain and customer service are emerging as the next functional areas to realize the benefits of the GBS model, which has already generated substantial benefits across back office functions including finance and procurement. GBS operations have generated initial operating cost reductions ranging from 20 to 50%, when implemented effectively. World-class GBS operations deliver an average year-on-year savings of 8% in addition to annual improvements in productivity, customer service and quality.


Download The Hackett Group paper and learn:

  • The strategic rationale for moving supply chain and customer service activities into a GBS model
  • Supply chain activities that have successfully shifted to a GBS model
  • How benchmarking can help determine if a GBS model is a good fit for supply chain and customer service functions
  • Key steps to design and implement a GBS model for supply chain and customer service operations, including a case study example
  • Practical advice for your organization


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