Business Benchmarking Services

The Hackett Group’s research reveals a strong correlation between consistent use of business best practices and the ability to operate at lower cost and increase value realization. How can business performance benchmarking help you pinpoint – and pursue – your organization’s most substantial performance optimization opportunities?

Assess performance, fast and objectively

Our functional and process benchmarking services provide your executives with insight they need to:

  • Evaluate performance relative to business value and strategy
  • Identify, quantify and prioritize process improvement opportunities
  • Develop a factual basis for driving change

Business benchmarking – backed by the world’s largest repository of empirically proven business best practices

The Hackett Group® has completed more than 26,000 business benchmarking studies, providing us with unrivaled benchmark data and process metrics, as well as insights into the performance of peers and world-class organizations across functions. All of that key content comes from our proprietary business best practices database. It is the result of nearly a quarter century of performance benchmarking with more than 9,100 organizations around the world.

Best practices benchmarking: gain insight, take action

We assess each function’s contribution to business value relative to its cost of delivering services. Our approach considers:

  • Qualitative measures such as alignment with business goals, level of technology integration achieved, or readiness to partner with customers and suppliers
  • Quantitative measures such as cost, cycle time, FTE effort, use of shared services, and application complexity

The result: a comprehensive, empirical comparison of your performance relative to both a statistical median of a meaningful peer group and world-class performers. You get:

  • Detailed comparisons of functional and process performance
  • Analyses of root causes of complexity and value of services delivered
  • Specific business best practices required to deliver process improvements and efficiencies
  • Targeted recommendations, presented in boardroom-level, results-oriented business terms