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Digital World Class® Human Resources

Aug 1, 2023
Season 4, Episode 28
How do the world’s best human resources organizations manage to spend less, operate with fewer staff, yet deliver greater value…

The Hackett Institute Overview Demo

Welcome to The Hackett Institute, the professional development arm of The Hackett Group. Our curriculums are based on proven experience…

Electronic Payment Distribution Rate

With increased use of self-service, employers are encouraging employees to view and print payslips online – freeing up payroll resources…

Root Cause of Payroll Errors

Payroll’s accuracy is highly dependent on the inputs received throughout the entire hire-to-retire process. Errors incurred along the way ultimately…

Payroll Inquiry Resolution Rate

A fast time to resolution for payroll inquiries doesn’t just increase customer satisfaction – it also improves business cost and…

Payroll Data Self-Service

As Payroll continues to reduce the time spent on transactional activities, it is important to allow employees the ability to…