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Working Capital Performance of Top US Companies

Are you among the best or worst? Compare your working capital performance by industry

The 2016 US Working Capital Survey identified some possibly worrisome signs of deteriorating working capital performance. For instance, the cash conversion cycle (CCC) performance among the 1,000 companies tracked declined by 2.4 days, or 7%, from the prior year. The 35.5-day CCC average is now higher than at any time since 2008. Moreover, the companies surveyed are $4.86 trillion in debt, more than double 2008 levels.

Download our paper for additional insights into working capital performance, such as:

  • How your key measures of operational efficiency compare with top performers
  • Learn the three best and worst companies in working capital management in 47 different industries
  • See where performance gaps exist between median and top-quartile companies
  • How your company’s cash position measures up against peers and top performers?
  • Where to look for working capital improvements in inventory (DIO), payables (DPO) and receivables (DSO)