World-Class Procurement: Redefining Performance in a Digital Era

Discover new opportunities for major performance gains for procurement organizations

Digital transformation is changing what world-class procurement performance looks like. In fact, the typical procurement organization can save $16 million1 from transforming its own operations. Procurement organizations have an opportunity to transcend the service provider role and become a driver of digital business capability.

Download this complimentary research and learn more including:

  • The digital efficiency advantage, including where and how much
  • The smart automation productivity advantage, including where and how much
  • Metrics every procurement organization should be measuring, including efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience
  • The Hackett Group’s digital service delivery model framework and how it’s impacting procurement organizations
  • Practical ways to jumpstart your procurement organization’s digital transformation

1The recurring cost savings opportunity calculation is based on a company with $10 billion in annual revenue

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