Hackett 1000: 2020 Working Capital Study

Improve Liquidity, Release Cash Across Three Elements of Working Capital

Global uncertainty and recession fears prompted an increased focus on cash during 2019. This year pandemic brought unprecedented urgency for cash across a wide spectrum of the economy. While last year’s cash gains came mostly via affordable corporate debt, companies continue to have approximately $1.2 trillion tied up in working capital, a great source of liquidity for the months ahead.

Download our study report for key insights including:

  • The best performers in working capital management by industry
  • Guidance for how different types of companies can use working capital to improve liquidity now
  • Working capital benchmarks to compare your performance with industry top performers and median
  • Five key changes essential to managing cash and working capital in 2020 and beyond
  • Total working capital opportunity in key areas (inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable)

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