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Key factors in choosing the optimal global business services model

The Global Business Services (GBS) model is a well-established approach for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business service delivery. Yet, designing an organizational structure and reporting relationship that satisfies the needs of all stakeholders while allowing the GBS to act as a transformation engine for business services functions can be a challenge.

Download our paper and you will learn:

  • 3 primary organizational models for GBS and their pros and cons
  • Key factors that should influence your choice of organizational model
  • Aligning your value proposition and organizational design
  • How evolving GBS models can reduce friction among competing interests and resources
  • A 4-point framework for GBS talent management

GBS organizations must continuously expand their reach and capabilities. Those seeking to expand the scope and sophistication of their services must develop the skills of their staff to be able to support and deliver these services. This requires training and career development programs focused on the skills, knowledge and experience needed to take on more sophisticated roles.